Laipson Modern Biological Team Baiyun Mountain Tour

Laipson Modern Biological Team Baiyun Mountain Tour


To enrich the cultural life of employees,further enhance team spirit,Improve company cohesion and centripetal force.Every year Laipson will prepare a beautiful trip, and this year was no exception!

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This year's destination is known as"Wonderland on Earth", "Famous Mountains in Central Plains"of Baiyun Mountain.On July 22, we arrived at the foot of Baiyun Mountain. After a short rest, everyone set off lightly and began to climb the mountain.

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When they first climbed the stone steps, everyone was full of energy, talking and laughing;Along the way, there was a drizzle of rain, and there was also a wind in the mountains. Everyone took care of each other and was not afraid of the wind and rain;

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As the pace of progress, the wind gradually calmed down and the rain gradually stopped, and finally all the members climbed to the top of the Jade Emperor Peak of Baiyun Mountain.

The team's annual collective trip,Not only strengthens the understanding between employees,It also promotes the connection between departments.

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