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  • TPU visual ear tag for sheep goat farm

    TPU visual ear tag for sheep goat farm

    1.With the advanced development of livestock management, farmers forward more practical animal ear tags for identification. 2.To meet partners requirements, Laipson has developed and produced new TPU rectangular 52mm*38mm pig swine hog ear tag. 3.Now available colors: yellow, blue, red, white, green, orange. 4.Other colors and laser printing details are also available.

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  • 95mm Uhf Rfid Goat Ear Tag

    95mm Uhf Rfid Goat Ear Tag

    Uhf Rfid Goat Ear Tag Advantages 1.Maintains flexibility through harsh weather conditions 2.Innovative shape with improved retention 3.More marking options allowing 4.Fit a variety of livestock identification systems 5.Used primarily for calves 6.For use in beef and dairy cattle

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  • 3 Meters Range Reader For Sheep Goat Ear Tag

    3 Meters Range Reader For Sheep Goat Ear Tag

    Support Android operating system, optional ultra-high frequency RFID function. According to ergonomic design, external antenna, theappearance of small and exquisite, high degree of protection, simple operation, easy to carry, high flexibility, suitable for working in a variety of environmental conditions. Mainly used in logistics, asset management, warehousing management, library management,production management, ticket management and other fields. Laipson vigorously implements the management innovation, technological innovation, and has passed the ISO9001, IS014001, GMP and other international standard system.we had obtained over 20 national independent intellectual property patents.

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  • UV Resistant Sheep Ear Tag Marker Pen

    UV Resistant Sheep Ear Tag Marker Pen

    UV Resistant ear tag marker pen manly marking Ear Tags. Applying light and constant pressure on the tip to keep the internal valve partially open, which will enable you to apply an even coat of ink to the surface of tags. Be sure to write numbers and letters slowly to ensure better readability. Please cover with cap after use since the ink is volatile liquid. The black marker pen caution keep out of reach of chidlren. Laipson has complete quality control system, equiped with pull force machine, friction machine, UV machine, etc. Pull force,friction test, high and low temperature test,acid and alkali test and color difference test could be done in the QC lab.The raw material and auxiliary material is chosen and produced following the international and company interior standard to ensure the each product top quality.

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  • Long Strip Tpu Material Visible Goat Ear Tag

    Long Strip Tpu Material Visible Goat Ear Tag

    Characteristics of goat ear tags: 1. Small size ear tag convenient for application. 2. Purple, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, pink colors available. 3. OEM logo or colors. 4. Laser printing numbers available. 5. Good packing.

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