High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag
  • High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag
  • High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag
  • High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag
  • High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag

High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag

Brand Laipson

Product origin Henan China

Delivery time 5-6working days

Supply capacity 20000sets /month

minimum order quantity 1000pcs

1. Inductive data collection is used, that is, the current information can be read out by simply shaking the collector on the rfid bossy ear tag attachment at the inspection point.The operation is simple and convenient.
2.Information management, transparency, and timeliness, all levels of managers can easily manage through the network, quick and low query to various breeding information.
3.The rfid ear tag does not need wiring, it is easy to install, and the setting of coding and the increase and decrease of inspection points are also simple and convenient.


High Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag


LF pig tag

In animal husbandry management, combining low-frequency electronic ear tag readers and RFID low-frequency electronic ear tags as the carrier, through identification coding, electronic ear tag wearing, identification, information entry and transmission, data query, so that the farm can better science management.


NameHigh Sensitivity RFID Cattle Ear Tag
Material TPU
ColorsRed or custom
ChipEM4305 or OEM


Reading distance 0-22cm
PrintingBar code, QR code is available.
Packages100pcs/bag, 2000sets/carton
StandardISO11784/5 F


LF pig ear tag

Ear tags are specifically used in pig management. When animal ear tag readers read piglets wearing ear tags, the breed, quantity, and growth of the piglets are clear. 

LF RFID pig ear tag

Encoding and laser printing numbers,logo,alphabets and customized development is possible.

LF pig tag

The carton packaged in the film protects the product and the carton from water.


1. The RFID ear tag system label has an ID code, which is durable and the information cannot be tampered with or copied.

2. Fast Supply with assured quality.

3.Strict quality tests: pull force test, tag installation test, weathering test, corrosion-resistant test, etc.

4. Global application.

5. EXW factory price.

6.OEM encoding and laser printing numbers.

LF pig ear tag

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