Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag
  • Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag
  • Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag
  • Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag
  • Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag
  • Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag

Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag

Brand Laipson

Product origin Henan China

Delivery time 5-6working days

Supply capacity 30000sets /month

minimum order quantity 1000pcs

UHF QR Code Electronic Ear Tag Advantages:
1.Inductive data collection is used, that is, the current information can be read out by simply shaking the collector on the UHF rfid code electronic ear tag attachment at the inspection point.The operation is simple and convenient.
2.Imported color masterbatch, custom color, does not fade, is resistant to dirt, is not easy to hang feces, easy to clean dirt, laser coding is black enough.
3.Laipson Information Technology CO.,Ltd was founded in 2009,registered capital is 20 million CNY,and is a high-tech enterprise which dedicated to research,manufacture,sell and service on livestock traceability identification and animal disease diagnostic test kits.


Uhf QR Code Electronic Ear Tag


electronic ear tag

The UHF rfid ear tag can record the ear number of each animal together with its variety, source, production performance, immune health status, feeding, reproduction, slaughter, sales and other information.


NameUHF QR code electronic ear tag 
Material BASF TPU material
ColorsOrange or custom
ChipAlien H3
Size( F )45mm*17mm


Sheep, goat, cow,... 
Reading distance 0m~3m
PrintingLogo, Bar code, QR code is available.
Packages1000 sets/carton, or OEM
ProtocolEPC CI GEN2/ISO18000-6C


uhf QR code ear tag

The uhf ear tag complies with ISO18000-6C radio frequency identification international standard and NY/T 938-2005 two-dimensional code animal ear tag standard.

uhf ear tag

Imported original chip, the chip adopts QFN package design, the antenna is made of copper material, the reading sensitivity is high, and the reading distance is long.

electronic ear tag

UHF RFID goat ear tag chip read and write more than 100,000 times,data retention period is greater than 10 years.


1.Imported chip with good stability.

2. Group identification for sheep, goats, alpaca.

3. Read multiple tags at one time.

4. Long reading distance.

5. Enough data storage capacity.

6. High speed data transmission.

7. Global 24 encoding digits.

8. Long term usage.

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